8080 Jones Branch Drive, McLean, Virginia

Holbert Apple Associates is the Structural Engineer of Record (SER) for this new 467,500 sq. ft., nine-story parking garage that contains 1,492 total parking spaces.  Due to project site constraints, the garage is built into the existing hillside with the majority of the lower two levels located below grade.  An approximately 60 ft. by 120 ft. two-story below grade portion of the garage was designed to serve as an underground connector to the proposed future Phase 5 office building.  The main stair and elevator tower utilizes an Architectural Exposed Structural Steel (AESS) “split-x” braced frame for wind and seismic lateral resistance.  The project also includes an approximately 175-foot-long Architectural Exposed Structural Steel pedestrian bridge, supported on “T-shape” cast-in-place concrete pedestals.  The pedestrian bridge spans over Jones Branch Drive and connects the new garage to the existing Phase 3 office building.