621 & 623 Eye Street, NW, Washington, DC

Structural engineering, design and detailing of all phases of work required by, and designed specifically for, the specialty house movers.  This involved the design for building internal and external bracing required for lifting and relocating or transporting the building, means-and-methods, proprietary and custom structural steel frames, jacking and other systems for hydraulically lifting, transporting and permanently relocating an existing double width unit with a central common brick bearing wall, three (3) story, weighing approximately 500 tons, historic brick-masonry load-bearing building.  Once the building was lifted and released from its foundations, the building was then transported about eighty feet across the site to its permanent location on hard-steel rollers supported by heavy 14” deep steel beams used as roll beams for building transportation. 

The final approximate 25 feet of building rolling occurred over the new permanent foundations on wood cribbing about 8 feet tall that supported long span steel roller beams.  During this roll, on-site calculations were performed to assist the movers in being able to manually operate the jacks on each roller individually to compensate for differential deflections of the supporting steel roll beams.

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