465 New York Ave, NW, Washington, DC

Structural engineering, design and detailing of all phases of work required by, and designed specifically for, the specialty house movers.  This involved the design for building internal and external bracing required for lifting and relocating or transporting the building, means-and-methods, proprietary and custom structural steel frames, jacking and other systems for hydraulically lifting, both “hard-rolling” and rubber-tire dolly transporting, and permanently relocating an existing four (4) story historic brick-masonry load-bearing building weighing approximately 740 tons.  In consideration of a new 13-story hotel structure designed by Holbert Apple Associates being constructed on the site adjacent to an existing 12-story apartment building to the east, the historic structure was relocated approximately 100 feet to the opposite side of the site.  The historic building was then supported on a temporary steel pile foundation/framing system, designed by a specialty foundations engineer.  Temporary steel pile and beam support framing geometry varied significantly from the building move steel jack and support system locations and required the design of localized jacking and preloading of the move steel frame system and steel pile supported cantilever beams by HAA to transfer the building loads to the temporary support system without distressing the masonry structure. This allowed for excavation to occur beneath the historic building to accommodate the new multi-level below-grade parking garage structure and apartment building to be constructed below, around and above the newly relocated historic building.  The building relocation was primarily performed to help maintain the historic setting of the low-rise neighborhood on the west side of the site.

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