Patient Parking Garage & Utility Vaults – Bethesda, MD

The project consists of three buildings; a six-story parking garage, a two-story utility building, and a one-story auxiliary storage building.  The six-story parking structure (approx. 242,000 sq. ft. and 740 parking spaces) consists of cast-in-place concrete with post-tensioned one-way slabs spanning between post-tensioned concrete beams, supported by concrete columns on foundations utilizing auger-cast piles.  The two-story utility building (with approx. 22’-0” tall stories), is approx. 31,000 sq. ft. and consists of mild-reinforced two-way cast-in-place concrete slabs supported by concrete columns on auger-cast pile foundations.  The auxiliary storage building is approx. 8,000 sq. ft., located partial below grade, and is connected to the utility building with an underground cast-in-place concrete tunnel.  The auxiliary storage building consists of a green roof with removable precast double-tees supported by interior concrete beams/columns and exterior concrete foundation walls, all supported by spread foundations.  Since the utility building houses equipment that serves the main hospital building on campus, it was designed for Risk Category IV and Seismic Design Category D, in addition to other physical security measures.  Both the parking garage and utility building were specifically designed and coordinated to be supported above a significant amount of existing and new utility vaults/tunnels, duct banks, and other miscellaneous utilities located below grade.

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