Columbia, Maryland

This project required extensive demolition and restructuring of the existing (40+ year old) one-story commercial office building, for the renovation and conversion into a church facility.  Two existing courtyards were infilled with new roofs, with one location raised approximately 8 ft. to create a clerestory space for gathering.  Approximately 1/3 of the of the existing roof structure was demolished and rebuilt with steel joists spanning approximately 95 ft. to create a 25 ft. clear height sanctuary.  The lateral load-resisting system was analyzed and upgraded to reflect the current building code requirements for conversion of the building from commercial to assembly usage as well as to accommodate the additional lateral loads due to the raised roof areas.  The project also included the addition of two “grand” entrances with new large wall openings, stairs, and ADA ramps.  The renovation required multiple new rooftop HVAC units, which were hidden with a new steel framed screen wall.