Old Town North, Alexandria, VA

Holbert Apple Associates provided structural engineering and construction administration services for the extensive renovations, repair, and additions to the existing 12-story post-tensioned and mild-reinforced cast-in-place concrete hotel and convention center, including north and south plaza parking decks, originally built in the early 1970s.  

The tower renovation included the addition of a structural steel-framed story and rooftop terrace/lounge to the existing roof, removal/reinforcing of existing shear walls and addition of new shear walls to create a more efficient floor plan, and repair of various existing concrete issues and deterioration located throughout the tower structure.  A steel-framed two-story open “arts use” theater space addition was also incorporated into the project at the First Floor.  A three-story portion of the tower was removed at the rear of the building and a new plaza area at the First Floor was designed to provide access to the Mount Vernon Trail. The additions and modifications to the existing tower lead to the upgrade of the existing lateral system and foundations to meet the current code-required lateral loads. 

The project also included the replacement of the single-story post-tensioned slab parking deck, located to the north of the tower, due to existing deterioration and to accommodate the new loading requirements of twenty (20) new four-story townhomes, firetruck access, and various landscaping features. The single-story post-tensioned slab parking deck, located to the south of the existing tower, was repaired and reinforced with a new composite structural topping in order to support twenty-one (21) new four-story townhomes and various landscaping features.

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